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Academy of Culinary Arts
Teacher: Ms. M. Mann

Venture through a world of beautifully crafted delicacies in our school's exciting Culinary Arts program. Rather than simply savor a delightful dish, dare to create the mouthwatering treat yourself. In our Culinary Arts program, students will learn through hands-on experience guided by a devoted instructor. Ms. Mann cherishes the thrill of creation that occurs in the kitchen. So much so that she reveals the tricks of the trade in her thorough curriculum. The program takes all the knowledge of crafting cuisines and places in the most valuable place of all, the hands of a future chef.

Students in the second and third year of the program may qualify to take ServSafe, a national certification test about food safety. Every food service establishment must have at least one person with this certification. It puts our students who pass in a more advantageous position when applying for a job in food service. The certification is good for 5 years.

Students completing the third year of the program may qualify for a Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship if they meet all the other requirements.